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What Is Ambulatory Care and How Does It Help You?

What Is Ambulatory Care and How Does It Help You?

Ambulatory care is a fairly recent development in the field of healthcare. The reasons are clear: it is a response to the ever-burgeoning demand for medical assistance in a healthcare system that is struggling to keep up financially and logistically.

But what exactly does it do for you? As a provider of NEMT services in Aurora, Colorado, we can give you a quick breakdown of its benefits and what we can do to help you or your loved ones enjoy them.

  • It reduces the need for prolonged stays.

    Essentially, it refers to same-day medical procedures performed in an outpatient setting. According to Rasmussen College, it allows patients to return home after diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative procedures sooner than hospitals.

  • It saves money and resources.

    Shorter stays mean lower costs. Justin Yeung, MD and CEO of Sharesmart says that, unlike inpatient hospital stays, outpatient facilities save more money for both patients and hospitals. Patients receive the same quality of care at a fraction of the cost and time.

  • It makes healthcare more flexible.

    By diverting most hospital services into outpatient facilities, accessing care is now much easier for patients with various needs. This is helpful for:

  • It expands your options for receiving care.

    In 2008, around 675 million patients received care in outpatient facilities. No doubt it is caused by lower costs and greater ease of access. All you would need is a reliable provider of medical transportation to visit an outpatient facility and then return home with ease.

If you have a loved one who requires medical services in an outpatient facility, we are here to help. With our non-emergency transportation services in Colorado, you can receive the medical assistance you need without worrying about the commute, time, or distance.

Call Mercy Transportation LLC to learn more about our services. We are always ready to serve!

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