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Understanding Why NEMT Is Cost-Effective

 Understanding Why NEMT Is Cost-Effective

Last 2005, the Transit Cooperative Research Board initiated a cost-benefit analysis for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). The results were astonishing. Of the twelve medical conditions, it was found that using NEMT ambulatory care were all cost-saving enterprises with varying levels of success. Particularly, NEMT was exceptionally good for cutting unwanted expenses for things like Influenza, Dental Care, Hypertension, and Mental Health, among others.

As it still holds now 15 years later, “a strong case can be made that improved access to NEMT…is cost-effective in terms of better healthcare,” the TCRB stated (Ch. 9, p. 80), especially for the disadvantaged (handicap or wheelchair users).

The Medical Transportation Access Coalition (MTAC) in 2018 also revealed that NEMT is incredibly cost-effective for those enrolled in Medicaid. The organization explains “beneficiaries participating in the survey said they would not be able to keep their medical appointments without access to NEMT.” According to them, “NEMT pays for itself as part of a care management strategy for people with certain chronic diseases.”

Concretely, the MTAC findings suggest that the average savings an American can make go up to more than $1,300 monthly. This sounds like good news for those availing transportation services in Colorado. If you’re curious, savings here means the difference from subtracting made-up cost savings with NEMT’s actual costs as explained by Chuck Dinerstein, MD, from the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH).

But as budgets tighten for Medicaid-funded programs, NEMT services in Aurora, Colorado have been coming up with creative ways to keep up with the pressure. And Mercy Transportation LLC gives you that edge by promoting deliveries, avoiding steep vehicle maintenance, and enhancing driver productivity.

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