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Traveling with a Loved One Affected by Dementia


Some families are uncertain whether their senior loved ones with dementia should travel, especially if the latter exhibit challenging behaviors. If you need to take one of yours somewhere and be traveling with them by car, you’ll need to take safety precautions.

For instance, you may seat them as far away from the driver as possible. If you are the driver, then it’s beneficial to have someone sit with them in the back; some senior adults with dementia tend to grab the driver or the steering wheel, which can be risky while the vehicle is moving.

Bringing snacks and water during the trip can be helpful because it can keep your senior loved one’s hands busy. Having something to do can help keep them focused. Playing their favorite music in low volumes can also lighten up their mood.

If you feel that traveling with your senior loved one with dementia by car is going to be difficult for everyone, you can always opt to utilize transportation services in Colorado.

In our agency for NEMT Services in Aurora, Colorado, clients with dementia can be transported from one place to another by drivers who have undergone special training. Our drivers are trained to recognize signs of the said condition so that they can properly care for them while transporting them to and from their destinations.

If you have a loved one with dementia or other cognitive disabilities, you can always trust our services for medical transportation and ambulatory care to get them to where they need to be. Please contact Mercy Transportation LLC today!

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