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Journey to a Place Where Compassion and Expertise Exist

Journey to a Place Where Compassion and Expertise Exist

Providers of NEMT services in Aurora, Colorado have been sending patients to healthcare facilities to help them receive focused care and attention, and eventually improve their quality of life. These patients suffer from disabilities, injuries, or any health-related issues. These cause inconveniences and even death, especially when untreated or unsupervised. That is why urgency is a must! 

Luckily, Mercy Transportation LLC provides non-emergency transportation services in Colorado to send patients with specialized needs to healthcare facilities, helping them achieve better health. Upon arrival, how can these facilities cater to the needs of this group of people?

  • Provide 24-Hour Care and Supervision
    Healthcare professionals like nurses and doctors check every patient’s vital signs on a frequent basis. Regular health checks are conducted for 24 hours as well. On top of that, these professionals offer excellent customer service, manifested by their compassionate, respectful, and patient-centered attitudes.
  • Offer Sufficient Medical Equipment
    Healthcare facilities provide complete medical equipment (e.g., wheelchair, stretcher, thermometer, and gauze, among others). Best of all, these medical equipment are sanitized and replaced regularly.
  • Provide Nutritious Meals
    Healthcare facilities like hospitals provide an adequate ration of food that contains the right amount of nutrients that patients need. 
  • Facilitate Medication
    With a sufficient number of healthcare professionals, facilitating patients’ medications becomes easier.

Whenever a patient is ready to go home for a complete and faster recovery, as instructed by the doctor, our NEMT services provide urgency and safety. As such, we offer ambulatory care to cater to the patient’s transportation needs as they get to their home conveniently and safely, in no time. 

Healthcare facilities promise to improve your health. But our NEMT services promise safety, urgency, and convenience as you get there. Plus, our compassionate team ensures that you are cared for along the way. With us, the road to a healthier life is within your reach.

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