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Important Questions About NEMT Service

Important Questions About NEMT Service

NEMT stands for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. NEMT Services in Aurora, Colorado are designed to cater to the transportation needs of individuals with a disability, illness, or age-related frailties. You have to understand how this unique service is different from others.

  • How is NEMT different from an ambulance?
    Aside from its use for non-emergency purposes, NEMT uses varied types of vehicles, not common to ambulances. Also, NEMT cars are designed to support a person with handicap or mobility problems. However, drivers of both services are equipped with first aid and CPR skills.
  • Is NEMT always available?
    Since these types of transportation services in Colorado are for non-emergency purposes, most agencies prefer appointments. You can check a particular company to find comprehensive care plans that fit your requirements.
  • How are you going to pay for the service?
    Make sure to ask the agency if they accept out-of-pocket or particular health insurance. In addition to ambulatory care, some medical transportation service providers accept federal or state insurance programs. To be eligible, you have to prove that you have a health condition that limits your capability to drive alone.

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