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How to Transfer from Your Wheelchair to Your Car

How to Transfer from Your Wheelchair to Your Car

The wheelchair becomes an extension of physical mobility for people with disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, ambulation, or even old-age frailty. The equipment can give you the freedom to move whenever you want. Transferring to a car, though, could be a challenge.

  • Equalize the sitting surface
    Whether you are using your car or a vehicle from a reputable provider of transportation services in Colorado, it could be easy for you to transfer with sitting surfaces of equal height. Moving to a lower surface could give you a chilling sensation. On the other hand, moving to a higher surface could require a lift.
  • Minimize the friction
    When you transfer to or from the car, make sure to minimize the friction. For a smooth slide, use materials with low shag. Remember that there are factors affecting the friction on a surface, like a temperature, surface finish, and operational load. NEMT services in Aurora, Colorado, can offer more help in this matter.
  • Ask assistance
    Don’t hesitate to ask for ambulatory care assistance. A family member or caregiver can go to the other side of the car or the driver’s side to help in pulling you instead of pushing you in. They can also help in ensuring that the equipment is locked for your safety.

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